Liz Allen

I've been where you are!

I never intended to become a trainer!  In fact, the thought of stepping in to a gym terrified me.  However, at one point, it became a necessity rather than an option.  At 32 years-old, I was facing Type II diabetes as well as numerous other medical problems.   I knew I didn't want my future to be filled with numerous doctor appointments, medications, and outlandish medical bills.  For me, this was the turning point.  I walked in to my local fitness facility, got a membership and immediately hired Ty to be my trainer.  Several times I asked myself, "Can you afford this?"  And each time the answer was, "You can't afford not to do this." Throughout my health and wellness journey, I lost over 100 lbs and cut my body fat in half, all navigating through several complicated health obstacles.


Walking through the process with Ty and seeing the impact it had on me mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, I immediately knew I wanted to be able to do for others what he had done for me.  I began relentlessly reading and studying everything and anything I could get my hands on that related to health and wellness.  A few short months later I decided to take the plunge and become a nationally certified personal trainer.  Additionally, I also decided to obtain a fitness nutrition certification.  After spending time with my clients, I wanted to be able to give them more.  I decided to further my education by applying for the Mayo Clinic Wellness Coach Certification program.  After being accepted, I spent several months studying as well as a week onsite working with some of the Mayo Clinic's top doctors, coaches, and therapists. Not only do I feel confident that I can help my clients with their fitness and nutrition goals, but I can also help them facilitate change in all areas of their life, as well.


Through integrating myself in to a healthy lifestyle, I've done things I never imagined I would.  I've competed in and won figure competitions, hosted educational events teaching others about fitness and nutrition, became a personal trainer and most recently, took the plunge to open ZellaDor Wellness and Fitness with Ty!