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I have joined so many gyms over the years but nothing ever sticks and I stop going because I feel out of place and like I don’t belong. I joined Zellador over 2 years ago and am still going. This place is truly a home away from home and found the gym where I belong. The trainers are amazing and become your friends and offer so much support and encouragement. The instructors, the classes, the pop up classes, the members, and the special sessions are all amazing. The owners , Liz and Ty, are incredible and make the gym someplace I want to go. If you are looking for a small gym where you will be welcomed on your first day as a part of the family, check this place out!

Sherryl, Member

Zellador is a down-to-earth, welcoming family, where prices are low, service is top-notch, there's a great variety of classes with awesome teachers, and you won't be ashamed to show up in ugly workout clothes. 

I put off joining a gym for YEARS, afraid of being the uncoordinated chub-flub in class, hurting myself because I didn't understand equipment and was afraid to ask for help...or...let's face it, spending time and money doing un-fun things just because they were good for me. Silly me-- I love this place and look forward to every visit!

Amazing instructors and owners! I have felt like family since day one. Great variety of classes and pop up classes. I would highly recommend taking Fitness Fusion with Ty if you're looking to tone, Barre with Juliana if you want to stretch and burn some calories or Pound with Andrea if you are in the mood for some cardio and need to let some aggression out!

Member & Personal Training Client



It's a smaller gym, but, every single person there makes you feel like family, regardless of who you are, what your size is, what your level of fitness is, or what you look like.  They don't care...they treat everyone exactly the same...just like family.


Nancy, Member

I love the kindness and energy at Zellador. They made it easy to turn a resolution into a lifestyle change.


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