Ty Battle

Focus on what you can do...not what you can't!

This is a true calling for me.  I started back in high school with football and boxing.  After graduating from high school in 1992, I immediately followed a four generation path into the United States military by joining the Air Force.  During my time in the Air Force, I constantly stayed in shape and began helping others in my unit and squadron pass their physical conditioning exams; that's when my passion for training was developed.  I've been training ever since.

Working for Bally Total Fitness, I was taught by the best of the best.  I won several awards, and was promoted many times.  When LA Fitness took over, I resigned after 12 years of comprehensive and cutting-edge training and development.  My mentor, Steven Todd and his wife Christine, are still my close friends and I continue to learn from them.  


As a trainer, I've worked with clients of all ages and abilities.  I have created programs for All American football players, individuals with multiple sclerosis, those recovering from strokes, those looking to lose anywhere from a few pounds to over 100 lbs, and many more diverse groups. As a former boxer, I've trained both male and female clients in the area of boxing.  Throughout my career I've helped numerous individuals reach their ideal versions of themselves by creating unique, personalized and comprehensive fitness and nutrition programs.  


I have several certifications, have participated in many television events, and have been featured in numerous newspaper articles.  My business partner and I created ZellaDor to help encourage people to capitalize and focus on what they can do in this moment...not what they can't do.  My goal as the owner of ZellaDor, as well as a personal trainer is to provide my members and clients with a personalized experience unlike any other they'll receive.  Give us a try, you won't be disappointed.