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The ZellaDor Difference

At ZellaDor Wellness & Fitness Studio, we pride ourselves on focusing on optimal wellness.  Unlike big box facilities where the attention is often strictly on fitness (physical health or the ability to complete a task) we utilize a multi-dimensional approach to client programming.  Our staff use research-based strategies to create a balance between all types of health including not only physical wellness, but emotional, mental, intellectual and social wellness as well as other key factors like nutrition and stress management. Because the speed of life seems to exponentially increase with the passing of each year due to ever-growing work commitments, family commitments and packed schedules, a convenient, personalized approach to achieve balance is key to sustainability of self-care habits.  At ZellaDor we aim to meet those needs by providing personal and small group training in both virtual and face-to-face environments at a time that is convenient for YOU with a program designed specifically for YOU. 


Our personal and small group training programming aims to include all facets of wellness within our professional scope.   Our nationally certified trainers tackle physical wellness through the design of  a tailored fitness program that meets you where you are in your personal journey.  During these sessions we also strive to meet your educational wellness needs with conversation; making sure you understand exactly why you’re doing what you’re doing.  In addition, we’ve been often known to assign our clients homework, yes homework! Whether it looks like listening to a podcast, reading a journal article or a blog, or watching an informative video…we are always aiming to increase the capacity of your educational wellness! Furthermore, through 1:1 consultations with our personal trainers and/or Mayo Clinic trained Wellness Coach, we strive to meet additional wellness needs through motivational interviewing, goal setting, mental and emotional check-ins, nutritional counseling, and much more.  At ZellaDor, we believe wellness is achieved from the inside out.  We invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation with us to experience the ZellaDor difference. 



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