The ZellaDor Difference

The ZellaDor difference is clear upon entering our doors. We are not your typical fitness center.  All of our instructors, trainers and owners have traveled their own weight loss and fitness journey.  Because of that, we're able to meet our clients wherever they are in their weight loss or fitness process with not only the knowledge of licensed staff, but with the experience and empathy often needed when reaching optimal health.  We pride ourselves on creating an environment where those who often don't feel comfortable in big box gyms are able to confidently workout in a supportive environment free of embarrassment and judgement. Our members often refer to us as the "Cheers" of fitness centers!

At ZellaDor we focus primarily on virtual and in-person personal and small group training as well as group fitness. Our aim is to provide individual attention to the function and form of each client and class participant. We pride ourselves on the collaborative relationships we build with our members and clients through these interactions.  

We realize for some, taking the health and wellness journey is best done with a partner.  Let us partner with you in achieving your best self.