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This is a true calling for me; it started in high school with football and boxing.  My passion for training was developed in the Air Force through helping others in my unit and squad pass their physical conditioning exams.  After 12 years with Ballys, I decided to create ZellaDor with my partner.  My goal is to meet people where they are and encourage them to focus on what they can do...not what they can't!

Tiroca - Owner/Personal Trainer

Owning a gym was never on my radar.  I spent the first 32 years of my life overweight. I had always been terrified to walk in to gym. Will people be staring at me?  Wondering why I'm there? Judging me?  After being told I was borderline Type II diabetes, I knew it was time to change, regardless of my fear.  That same week, I met and hired Ty at Bally's and through working with him, lost 100 pounds.  My experience with Ty made me want to do for others what he had done for me.  I became a nationally certified personal trainer as well as a certified wellness coach through a program with the Mayo Clinic, located in Rochester, MN.   Out of all of that, ZellaDor was born!

Liz - Owner/Personal Trainer

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